Work Permits
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  • Any student, age 14 to 18, wishing to obtain employment MUST have a work permit.
  • Work permits are issued to eligible students through the North Schuylkill Jr./Sr. High School Guidance Office.
  • In order to obtain a work permit students, age 14 to 18, and a parent/guardian should come to the Guidance Office with the student's birth certificate or other acceptable proof of age. If the student’s birth certificate is not available contact the Guidance Office for information regarding other acceptable proofs of age.
  • Once the student and parent/guardian complete the application, a work permit will be issued.
  • Students, age 14 to 16, will be required to have an additional form completed by the parent/guardian and employer. A copy of the completed form should be retained by the parent/guardian.
  • More information on work permits can be obtained by clicking HERE