School Activities

September -

7th Grade: Introduction meetings by HOMEROOMS
  • Students will meet with Guidance Counselors during Strategies for Student Success classes.
  • Homerooms will be scheduled and announced during Morning Announcements.

8th Grade: Career Classes as part of curriculum scheduling
  • Students are scheduled for a .25 credit course meeting every other day for one semester.
  • The REAL GAME curriculum will be used to provide an in vivo experience.

9th Grade: Vo-Tech visit

  • All students interested in attending will spend a day visiting the shop of their choice at either the north or south center.

10th Grade: New Vocational students will begin coursework for their career goal

  • Students assigned to the "A" cycle will attend one of the Career & Technical Centers at the beginning of the school year.
  • Students assigned to the "B" cycle will attend home school at the beginning of the school year.

11th Grade: Juniors begin a most serious academic school year.

  • Academics and study must be the number one priority.
  • Junior year grades can be one of the determining factor in the college acceptance process.

12th Grade: College application process begins

  • Gather applications to complete - paper or online(recommended)
  • Schedule appointment to meet with your counselor to review the process.